Our Mission:

To be community that seeks to Love God, Love People and Follow Jesus.

Our Values:

  • CHRIST CENTERED: We worship and serve to glorify God and God alone.
  • COMMUNITY FOCUSED: People in our communities regardless of their spiritual condition matter to God and to us.
  • SENT TO SERVE: Living Sent in our ministry and mission.
  • TEAMS: Ministry and Mission are best accomplished in teams of people with multiple gifts and abilities who are in covenant together and focused on a common purpose.

Our Strategy:

  • REACH: Ministries/Events that engage and invite unchurched/disenfranchised people in our community to experience the love of Jesus through the body of Christ. (Outside)
  • CONNECT: Ministries/Events that help people connect to Jesus and the D/A Church family. (Inside)
  • FOLLOW: Ministries/Groups that help people to become FOLLOWERS of Jesus. 
(Follow-ship Road Map, Life Groups, Bible Studies, Sunday School, Serving teams etc.)
  • SEND: Ministries/Events that release God’s people to make the realities of heaven the realities of earth. 
(Mission and Evangelism)