Follow-ship Model: 

Matthew 6:24 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

  • FOLLOW-ship 101:
    • I’ve heard about Jesus, but not much.
    • The Bible seems overwhelming and irrelevant. Where would I start?
    • If I go to church, I don’t get much out of it.
    • Life (Small) groups organized by the church seem scary.
    • What’s the difference between volunteering and serving?
    • Faith is a good idea, but I’m not sure what it has to do with my everyday life.
    • Connection points:
        • Life Group for those New to FOLLOW-ship 101
        • Covenant Class
        • Spiritual Gift assessment
  • FOLLOW-ship 201:
    • My faith is important, but I want it to be more relevant.
    • I know a bit about Jesus …and sometimes that matters.
    • I know reading scripture is important, but how and why?
    • I attend church regularly (twice a month or more).
    • I am willing to see what a Christian community can do for my life.
    • I have served others and find it meaningful.
    • Connection points: 
        • Life Group for those in FOLLOW-ship 201
        • Covenant Class
        • Spiritual Gift assessment
  • FOLLOW-ship 301:
    • Jesus is God’s son and I want to live like Him.
    • I read scripture individually and in groups.
    • I fully participate in and would help in worship.
    • Christian community is an important touchstone in my life.
    • I have explored different serving opportunities according to my gifts.
    • My faith informs everything I do.
    • Connection points: 
        • Life Group for those in FOLLOW-ship 301
        • Covenant Class
        • Spiritual Gift assessment
        • Leadership Development


Find your niche! A variety of Sunday School classes meet at 9am.

  • D.I.G.S. Class  Langford Hall
  • Downing   Parlor
  • Elderberry  room L-1
  • McDonough  room L-2
  • The Crossroads  room 207
  • Dalewood Youth (grades 6-12)  Youth room second floor
  • Grades 3-5  room 204
  • Grades 1-2  room 204
  • Kindergarten (age 3-5)  room 104
  • Nursery* (infant-2 years)   room 103

* Nursery is also provided for newborns through kindergarten during Sunday worship services.

Wednesday AM

  • Men’s Breakfast and bible study, 6:30 am